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Responsible Gaming

At Black Lotus Casino, we are exceedingly conscious about responsible gaming. Our idea is that the members should have lots of fun and entertainment but being compulsive or addictive is harmful. Underage gambling is a big no and, we try our best to ensure that no form of incorrect gaming takes place on our sites.



SETTING LIMITS – It’s urgent that each member sets self-limits and does not pay a penny more than decided. Willpower and control are intrinsic when you are fond of gaming and online casinos. Unless you exercise restraint, you will end up getting addicted thus; being aware and fixing limits is crucial here.

AVOID COMPULSIVE GAMBLING – We advise that you stay away from compulsive gambling. Just because you are free for a few hours is no reason to jump into online gaming. Being fixated is a disorder and, chances are that you may become irresponsible and negligent about either your work or home. Online casinos are your stress busters and forms of entertainment. To turn them into obsessions is a dangerous hazard. 

TAKE A BREAK– Keep in mind that if at any point you are concerned about your gaming behavior, instantly switch off from the site. Taking breaks of a day, week, month, or even a year may not be a bad idea to get over the addiction to online gaming. For us, it's business and, we welcome you for hours on end however being, a careful company, we don’t want to see homes getting wrecked because of excessive indulgences in gambling.

UNDERAGE GAMBLING  – Black Lotus Casino is especially stringent regarding the play by minors. If you are under 18 and have accessed the site somehow, you could be in serious trouble. We have special tools and trained staff who recognize when minors play at our online casinos. However hard we may try, there are always loops in the system thus we recommend that parents work hand in glove with us to protect children. Keeping guard over Internet hours is vital. If any parent is a member, he/she must ensure that children are not around if any casino software is playing. It’s urgent to protect your game with passwords and, most importantly, children should be educated on the harms and legalities of underage gambling. Random people are requested to notify our support department in case they know of children indulging in online gaming.

We are recognized for our endeavor towards issues of gambling and its impact on society. At Black Lotus Casino, we want you to enjoy your time here but being safe and staying away from trouble is fundamental. Do not rely on gambling to make you wealthy and debt-free. As you understand, gambling literally means chance so, there is no sure-shot formula for you to win each time. Being awake to your actions is necessary to keep the fun intact. Another thing to bear in mind is that you must never let anyone push you to gamble with us or any other casino. Let this online gaming be purely your own choice. Every now and then, you must check your spending amount with the cashier so that things don’t go out of hand. Most importantly, you ought to know the rules of the game so that there is no question of you being caught on the wrong foot!

In case you need help to discuss anything related to responsible gaming, please contact [email protected] or call us Toll-Free at 1 866 403 6954.